The Cognistat Assessment System

In partnership with Novatek International, the Cognistat Assessment System is now on-line and ready for use!

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For more than 30 years, Cognistat has been used by medical and psychological professionals throughout North America and in many countries around the world. It was recently voted the most popular cognitive screening instrument among North American neuropsychologists. Cognistat is now available in an on-line, web-based format that is easy to use and that provides features and advantages not possible in a paper and pencil test.

The Cognistat Assessment System preserves the strengths of the highly regarded paper and pencil version of Cognistat:

  • Assesses five major areas of cognitive functioning
  • Gives a quick yet comprehensive evaluation
  • Utilizes a screen and metric approach
  • Highlights cognitive strengths and weaknesses
  • Provides easy to read graphic profiles

Cognistat Assessment System brings the examiner much more!

  • Guides the examiner through the assessment process with the automated presentation of test items
  • Provides built-in timers and automatic scoring
  • Offers suggestions throughout the assessment that aid the testing and diagnostic process
  • Presents a wealth of information on:
    • major medical and psychiatric illnesses for each patient
    • factors that can compromise, confound, or invalidate cognitive assessment
    • pain, sleep, psychiatric, etc. medications that may impact the testing process
  • Provides reference profiles for confusional states, dementia, amnestic disorder, etc. for comparison with your patient’s cognitive profile
  • Establishes a secure data storage system that allows for immediate comparisons and future reference
  • Allows clinicians and researchers to create their own customized reference profiles for special patient populations

Cognistat Assessment System brings cognitive screening into the modern age by automating many aspects of the testing process while maintaining the central role of the clinician in the evaluation.