New Version of the Cognistat Assessment System is Now Available

Cognistat is pleased to announce the release of CAS-II, the new version of the Cognistat Assessment System.  This is a much enhanced version of the original CAS and features the addition of three new expert systems designed to assist the clinician in screening patients for cognitive impairments.

The MCI Index is a seven-point scale, which measures the risk of Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) and Dementia in adults of all ages.  The MCI Index is based on a five-dimensional matrix incorporating the patient’s test scores in Memory and Construction, age, years of education and the type of cognitive impairment.  The MCI Index has been validated with patient data from Canada, Sweden and Puerto Rico.

An additional expert system has been added which provides a series of algorithm-derived statements based on the patient’s performance in all of the major cognitive domains measured in Cognistat, namely:  Attention, Orientation, Language, Memory and Constructions.

A series of shifting state factors and medications from twelve families of CNS-active agents, each having the potential to impact test performance and lower scores, are identified, examined and assessed in a report. Reversible attentional impairments that can lead to false positive diagnoses are highlighted in real-time and minimize the risk of false-positive dementia diagnoses.

These three new clinical expert systems greatly improve Cognistat and provide a set of enhanced tools for clinicians.  The new algorithm-derived commentaries are an alternative to referencing the Cognistat manual and are all incorporated into a newly expanded and enhanced patient report.  There have been no changes to the test design that would alter Cognistat’s validated data set and substantial body of peer-reviewed publications.

All existing CAS customers will be provided with full access to CAS-II as part of their current licence.

A webinar introducing CAS-II is available at


Cognistat is available in three formats:

  • Cognistat Paper: the original Cognistat paper and pencil test.
  • Cognistat Active Form: a new computerized PDF format that does not require web access and has a built-in expert system to assist in evaluating Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) – ideal for situations where web access is not available or not permitted.
  • Cognistat Assessment System: a web-based, computer-assisted format with electronic data records (EDR) and longitudinal data analysis capabilities – ideal for multi-center use. 

Cognistat Five is available in three formats:

  • Cognistat Five: a web-based format with the MCI Index, electronic data records (EDR) and longitudinal data analysis capabilities.
  • Cognistat Five Paper: a two-page paper and pencil version of Cognistat Five.
  • Cognistat Five Active Form: a new computerized off-line PDF format with the MCI Index and which can also upload data to an on-line database and electronic data records (EDR) - ideal for situations where web access is not available or not permitted.